NURS3345 TRANS PROFESSIONAL NURSING Module 4 Quiz  Lectures Progress Monitor Question 1 The Novice Nurse:  has knowledge as separate facts.  works as a supervisor in the ER.  is highly competent and confident.  has five years of experience. Question 2The expert nurse:  knows all the staff by name.  has 2-3 years experience.  is always appointed as the team leader.  knows when to bend the rules. Question 3When writing a critical analysis paragraph of a research article:  you are basically agreeing or disagreeing with the author.  you are identifying strengths and limitations of the research.  you select your research question and answer it.  you only identify the strengths of the research. Question 4 What are the four stages of a developing team?  Initiating, forming, storming, consolidating  Forming, brainstorming, sustaining, consolidating  Forming, storming, norming, performing  Initiating, forming, storming, norming Straight from the lecture notes! Purchase this Tutorial.