NURS3345 TRANS PROFESSIONAL NURSING Module 5 Quiz  Lectures Progress Monitor Question 1According to the lecture, what could be an obstacle to success in the program?  Studying with your laptop on the kitchen table  Procrastination and not setting priorities  Waiting until all your other activities are completed before you tackle course assignments  Studying one hour each night before going to bed Question 2Who is responsible for delineating and maintaining nursing boundaries?  The doctor  The hospital  The patient  The nurse Question 3 Which situation is an example of overstepping professional boundaries?  Asking to be assigned to the same patient the next time you are on duty  Talking to family members about their staying with the patient overnight in the hospital  Accepting money from a patient  Giving the patient a get well card to cheer her up Question 4 It is acceptable professional behavior to copy down the patient’s home address and contact information from their medical record so you can ask them out for a date later.  True  False Purchase this Tutorial.