NURS3345 TRANS PROFESSIONAL NURSING Module 3 Quiz  Lectures Progress Monitor Question 1 Why is peer review important?  Other nursing professionals have reviewed content for accuracy and currency.  Doctors and advance practice nurses have written the articles.  The article was written in a newspaper and general news journal.  The articles are found in special journal issues where authors are invited to contribute because they are well known for their expertise. Question 2 The main difference between critical thinking and thinking is that critical thinking is done with-  Evidence and innovation  Control and discipline  Purpose and control  Purpose and direction Question 3Which is an example of a decision-making framework?  Process Mapping  Paradigm Shift  Nursing Diagnosis  Nursing Process Assess, Diagnose, Plan, Implement and Evaluate Question 4 A good research question cannot be answered by a simple yes or no.  True  False Purchase this Tutorial.