Involve an advanced practice nurse in the field of education, informatics, administration, or a nurse practitioner in an ethical and legal decision-making dilemma. (Optional) Incorporate relevant codes of conduct that are applicable to the practice of nursing and your chosen field into your daily routine.

On the basis of the facts, identify at least one ethical principle and one law that could be violated, and determine whether the violation would constitute a criminal or a civil offense.

Identify and develop a decision that demonstrates integrity, and that would prevent a violation of the ethical principle as well as a violation of the law from occurring.

Identify the legal principles and laws that apply to the ethical dilemma and explain why they do so.

Prior legal cases, as well as state and federal statutes, should be used to support the legal issues.

In this case study, you will examine the differences between ethical reasoning and legal reasoning, and you will apply an ethical-legal reasoning model in order to establish the foundation for a solution to the ethical-legal dilemma.

List three recommendations that will alleviate the moral distress experienced by advanced practice nurses as a result of the dilemma you have presented.

In light of the issue you raised and the applicable legal rules, apply the laws to your situation and come to a decision on the matter.


This is a fact-based assignment, and you will not be asked to express an opinion.
This will necessitate additional research and documentation to support what has been written.
You should write the Assignment entirely in your own words after reading the scholarly and fact-based publications, and you should include proper citations. There should be no quotations in this document. The professor is interested in hearing your voice because you are a masters-trained nurse.

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