1: What do you notice about the mother in â€Two Kinds? ” What differences do you notice between the

In terms of character, what about the mother and the daughter?

Respond in terms of social class, race and ethnicity, gender roles, religion, and so on.

Political Affiliation, Crisis Impairment, Socioeconomic or another aspect you have



After reading the story, consider race, age, and troop. At that point, consider how

In terms of exploring the most revealing aspects of the story, these three aspects of the story interact with one another.

issues that â€Brownies†raises

Which disciplinary perspectives are most fruitful in terms of getting to the heart of the problem?

What are the story’s themes?

What do you consider to be the most important issues in terms of what is said about society?

through the troops and camp events?

Be as specific as possible in your response. Make sure to respond to this with at least 125 words.


What stands out to you in terms of social class, race and ethnicity, gender roles, and sexual orientation?

Religion, political affiliation, crisis-affected status, and socioeconomic or other factors

you’ve discovered?

Please be specific in your response.

3) Choose the most intriguing element you identify from each of the Unit 2 stories in terms of the Disciplinary Perspective (if you use this approach) you use and how that relates to Social Class, Race and Ethnicity, Gender Roles, Religion, Political Affiliation, Crisis Impaired, and Socio Economic or another aspect you have identified and post your comments about that aspect of the stories in the discussion board labeled Unit 2 Discussion. +150