This study’s population will be any patients with COPD over the age of 18 who have completed the COPD Assessment Test (CAT).
1 Create the problem statement and research objective.

2 Create a research question that aims to solve (part of) the problem and include the following components to help focus the literature review.

Question from PICOT:

Patient, Population, or Issue

1 What are the patient’s or population’s characteristics?

2 What is the condition or disease in question?

Involvement or exposure

3 What do you intend to do with this patient (for example, treat, diagnose, or observe)?


4 What is the intervention’s alternative (e.g., a placebo, a different drug, surgery)?


5 What are the relevant outcomes (for example, morbidity, death, and complications)?

3. Check to see if the research question is answerable, feasible, and clinically relevant.