Mrs. Fox was inpatient for 2-3 weeks, receiving all necessary rehabilitation services and showing significant improvement in objective measurements. However, it was determined that the patient was not yet ready to safely return home to her family. The required paperwork was completed in order for the patient to be transferred to Helen Hayes Hospital, a skilled nursing facility, where she could continue to receive rehabilitative and nursing services.


Mrs. Fox had been smoking cigarettes for 15 years prior to her accident. Her doctor strongly advised her to quit smoking due to the negative effects it has on tissue healing and her overall health. During a rehabilitation session, the patient stated that her situation had made her depressed, particularly because she was having difficulty communicating with her husband and two children. She also expressed concern that she would never be able to walk “normally” again or do things like brush her hair or feed herself like she used to. She stated that the only time she had recently felt â€happy†was when she was painting in the common room.


Answer the following questions based on the above case scenario:

1. Which of the health professionals discussed following the midterm exam may be involved in Mrs. Fox’s care?

2. What would each provider’s role be?

3. Why might providers need to communicate with one another in this particular case?

4. How might they communicate with one another?

5. Who else on the healthcare team, previously or not, might be involved, and what would their roles be?