1. A method of collaborative work that involves the visual display of information on flip charts or other similar devices.

The media that other members of the group can use is__________.

a. Matrix decision-making

b. Multiple-voting

c. boarded

d. Idea generation

2. A data collection tool that summarizes the perceptions of a large number of people.


a. Questionnaires

b. Personal interviews

c. Checklist

d. Spreadsheets

3. Inspection control committee members_________

a. Microbiologist, O.T. supervisor, and Medical Superintendent

b. A representative from the Nursing Service, the CSSD in charge, and a representative from a major clinical trial


c. Both (a) and (b) (b)

d. None of the preceding

4. MRD is an abbreviation for____________

a. Medical Records Division

b. Medicine Records Division

c. Medicine Dispensing Division

d. None of the preceding

5. Appraisal format in which employees are ranked in order based on their relative importance


a. Forced Distribution Method

b. Visual Rating Scale

c. Methods of ranking

d. Unrestricted Written Ratings

Health and Hospital Management Exam Paper


IIBM stands for the Institute of Business Management.

6. Materials Management analytical technique in which all inventory items are sorted based on

The annual cost of usage time is________.

a. FSN Examination

b. ABC Evaluation

c. VED Evaluation

d. None of the preceding

7. Quality Management planning tool in which items are written on individual cards and

shown on a flip chart


a. Relationship Chart

b. Flowchart of the Process Decision Program

c. Affinity Chart

d. Diagram of the Activity Network

8. Method of filing medical records in which records are filed in exact chronological order

order based on unit / serial number


a. Filing with the Middle Digits

b. Filing of Terminal Digits

c. Numeric filing only

d. None of the preceding

9. A type of hospital with more than 300 beds is referred to as___________.

a. Big hospital

b. A hospital of medium size

c. Minimalist hospital

d. None of the preceding

10. A meeting in a hospital for the purpose of disseminating information received from agencies is


a. Informal Gathering

b. Consultative Session

c. Executive Session

d. None of the preceding

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