The Director Team at St. Francis Nursing Home has been tasked with developing and implementing a program to help nurses stay in the facility longer. The nursing staff as a whole believed that their administration did not understand the responsibilities of a nurse and did not provide a channel for nurses to express their concerns about the work environment. Nurses are leaving the profession at an alarming rate because of a lack of morale. They have a turnover rate of 22 percent at the present time..

Utilize the steps of the decision-making process in relation to the scenario described previously.

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with seven to twelve slides that addresses the following topics:

Identify the goal or objective.
Identify the difficulties that come with being a manager.
Decide on the criteria.
Explain the objectives you hope to achieve in your management position.
Consider the importance of each criterion.
As a manager, explain the objectives in descending order of importance.
Look for alternatives.
Examine the various tools that a manager can use to motivate his or her employees.
Examine how a leader can use these tools to motivate his or her employees.
Explain the differences between how leaders and managers motivate their employees.
Explain some strategies that managers can use to empower their employees.
Alternatives should be tested.
Examine how positive modeling can be applied in this scenario, as well as the modeling alternatives that are available.
Examine the various ways in which managers can incorporate mentorship into their daily responsibilities.
Explain how to deal with staff who are adamant in their opposition.
Identify the obstacles that may stand in the way of achieving your objectives.
Evaluate the course of action.
Examine the methods by which goals will be measured in order to ensure success.
Examine the ethical considerations that must be taken into account in leadership and management.
Other management decisions that must be considered in the scenario in order to improve employee morale should be explained.
Examine the criteria by which the decisions will be evaluated for success.
Cite a minimum of 5 sources in your paper.

Format your presentation in accordance with the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines.