â€Cultural sensitivity for new graduate nurses in a residency program†is a case study that should be between 1,750 and 2,000 words long.

1. Identify the educational needs that will be met through the use of distance learning.

Identify learner objectives and evaluation strategies that are appropriate for the case study situation.

Provide an explanation of the technological applications that will be used.

4.Include an assessment model that will serve as the foundation for the evaluation strategy (refer to Chapter 25 in Teaching in Nursing: A Guide for Faculty).


The development of at least three learner objectives for the Case Scenario is necessary.

Methods of Evaluation for Each Objective Have Been Developed

The advantages and disadvantages of selected evaluation methods are identified.

Students in your class should be able to demonstrate critical thinking in a variety of ways, and you should describe those possibilities.

Makes use of an Assessment Model as the foundation for evaluation design and implementation (Refer to chapter 23 in Billings & Halstead text for examples of evaluation models.)

Effectiveness and Efficiency in Organization

Organizing a business

The Use of Language and the Awareness of the Audience (includes sentence construction, word choice, etc.)

References from the field of scholarship (Utilizes at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed resources less than five years old in addition to course materials.)

Write a paper presenting the case study (1,750-2,000 words).

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