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Nursing research offers the scientific foundation for the profession’s practice. Using a variety of philosophical and theoretical perspectives In the sense that they are both processes, nursing research and nursing practice are similar. Data collection, evaluation/data analysis, and documentation/results are all commonalities between the nursing and research processes. The National Center for Biotechnical Information (NCBI) published a report in 2016. They each follow a series of steps in a specific order. However, there are some distinctions between the two. The objective, implementation, focus, and justification are the contrasts between the nursing and research processes. The distinctions are critical. Both have different goals and approaches to implementation. Implementation necessitates a more methodical approach to study. Nursing research has a more theoretical and abstract focus. The nursing method is more precise and concrete. The results of nursing research are used to generate knowledge. The nursing process results in the maintenance of and changes in the health of the patient, family, and/or community. (RN, PhD, Burns, 2016) Mutual goal setting, data collecting, diagnosis, planning, treatment, evaluation, and recording are all part of the nursing process. Human subject protection, literature review, problem, purpose, design, sample, setting, research questions, hypotheses, instruments, techniques, data analysis, results, limitations, discussion, and dissemination are all part of the research process. (American Association of Cancer Research, 2016)