N501PE MSN Role Development Assignment 2Assignment 2 is the second of three assignments leading up to and supporting your Final Project. The overall goal of the assignments leading to the Final Project is to provide an opportunity for the learner to plan and begin development of a hypothetical EBP project proposal. Assignment 2 addresses the following AACN MSN Essentials: Essential I: Background for Practice from Sciences and Humanities Essential II: Organizational and Systems Leadership Essential III: Quality Improvement and Safety Essential IV: Translating Integrating Scholarship into Practice Essential IX: Master’s-Level Nursing Practice Please refer to the Final Project link in Module 7 for complete details regarding the Final Project. Assignment 2 Instructions Assignment 2 should be a minimum of 5-8 pages (not including title page and references) in APA format. You may include Appendixes as necessary. Be sure to include introductory and summary paragraphs.1.  Topic Proposal: Provide a brief introductory paragraph of your proposed topic for a hypothetical Quality Improvement and Safety EBP change project and a brief review of the planned change (you will elaborate in detail in Assignment 3).Note: You will NOT be implementing or completely planning out a change project in this course. You will be completing a basic introduction and planning for a hypothetical Quality Improvement and Safety EBP change project topic so that you begin learning the process before progressing on to your specialization courses. You will fully develop a change project plan in your Capstone course N555, so this assignment could potentially, but not necessarily, be a start to that process.2.  Theory: Select an applicable change theory, nursing theory, or non-nursing theory and provide an overview of the major components. Outline the components of the theory as they relate to your specific project idea. You may create a table, graph or chart.3. Ethical Considerations: Discuss how you would apply at least two ethical principles such as beneficence, justice, and respect for the hypothetical change project.4. Legal Considerations: Discuss how you would apply at least two legal concepts and considerations for the hypothetical change project.5. Cultural Competency: Discuss at least two cultural considerations for the hypothetical change project.6. Leadership for Change Agent: Discuss the leadership style that you, as a change agent, would model to plan and implement this hypothetical change project.7. Organizational Leadership: Discuss the organizational leadership role in this proposed hypothetical change project. Consider the organizational and administrative support needed for the project.8. Stakeholders: Discuss the stakeholders who have a vested interest in the outcomes of this   hypothetical project proposal. Explain why they have been identified as stakeholders.9.  APA and Writing Guidelines: A minimum of three (3) references are from pertinent peer reviewed articles, journals or appropriate textbooks Paper is 5-8 pages (not including title and reference pages)You may include appendixes APA Screenshot is provided There are no errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation Introductory and summary paragraphs Please use the rubric below to help you complete Assignment 2.   Purchase this Tutorial.