N501PE MSN Role Development Assignment 3Assignment 3 is the third of three assignments leading up to and supporting your Final Project. The overall goal of the assignments leading to the Final Project is to provide an opportunity for the learner to plan and begin development of a hypothetical EBP project proposal. Assignment 3 addresses the following AACN MSN Essentials: Essential III: Quality Improvement and Safety Essential IV: Translating Integrating Scholarship into Practice Essential V: Informatics and Healthcare Technologies Essential VII: Interprofessional collaboration for Improving Patient and Population Health Outcomes Essential VIII: Clinical Prevention and Population Health for Improving Health Essential IX: Master’s-Level Nursing Practice Assignment 3 Instructions: Assignment 3 should be a minimum of 5-8 pages (not including title page and references) in APA format. You may include Appendixes as necessary. Be sure to include introductory and summary paragraphs.1. Detailed planned change:  Provide a detailed discussion of the planned hypothetical change project. You may consider utilizing the Nursing Process as a guide or one of the Change Theories addressed in Chapter 11 of your textbook.2. Why the change is necessary (EBP support/ROL). Consider health policy and advocacy and discuss why this proposed change is necessary. Consider support such as metrics, organizational issues and patient safety issues. Include at least three (3) scholarly resources from the literature that would support this change.3. Potential Obstacles, Barriers & Challenges: Consider at least two potential obstacles, barriers and challenges for the hypothetical project. Identify how these issues could be addressed or avoided.4. Expected outcomes: Discuss the anticipated measurable outcomes. Explain how the outcomes would be measured.5. Interprofessional Collaboration and Team: Identify key members that would comprise the interprofessional team to make the change successful. Identify at least two strategies to ensure successful collaboration and team dynamics.6. Informatics: Discuss the role of informatics in the support of this hypothetical change project.7. Self-reflection: Discuss your learning experience for this project plan. How would the MSN influence your ability to make this change? Would you implement this project if it were possible?8. APA and Writing Guidelines: A minimum of three (3) references are from pertinent peer reviewed articles, journals or appropriate textbooks Paper is 5-8 pages (not including title and reference pages) Purchase this Tutorial.