Use this form to finish the Week 5 Nursing Care Models Assignment: Worksheet on Nursing Care Models (Links to an external site.)

Finkelman (2016), pp. 111-116, read your text.
You must complete the assignment using the template.
For each of the two models, you will cite the textbook and one scholarly source. Scholarly references must be peer-reviewed and published within the last 5 years from the Chamberlain Library only, and you must provide the citation. Permalink
Examine the information in our library on how to search for journal articles (Links to an external site.).
Examine the library’s information on how to find and copy a journal permalink (Links to an external site.).
Observe staff as they provide nursing care. Depending on availability, practice settings may differ.
Identify the nursing care model that you observed. Be specific about what you saw, who did what, when, how, and what led you to identify the specific model.
Examine and summarize one scholarly resource (not your textbook) related to the nursing care model you observed in practice.
Review and summarize one scholarly resource (excluding your text) about a nursing care model that differs from the one you observed in the practice setting.
Discuss the nursing care model from step 9 and how it could be used to improve nursing care quality, safety, and staff satisfaction. Make your points clear.
Write a summary of your experience/assignment and what you learned about the two nursing care models.
By the end of Week 5, you must have submitted your completed worksheet by 11:59 p.m. MT on Sunday.

Please review this “Crediting Sources Made Simple (Links to an External Site.)” resource before preparing your assignment. This tool is designed to assist you in comprehending scholarly writing, APA, referencing, and crediting. Please contact your instructor if you have any questions as you prepare your assignment.