Jordan, a 14-year-old middle school student, weighs 275 pounds and stands 5’6″ tall. He has gained 60 pounds in the last two years, has begun to withdraw from social activities, and has avoided other students due to bullying from peers his age about his weight/appearance. Jordan has also been missing a lot of school lately, especially on days when he has gym. Jordan’s parents are both of average stature and weight. Jordan’s mother claims that he simply resembles his grandfather William, who “was a husky man” and died of a heart attack at the age of 44. ” “We just have fat genes in the family,” she says, “you can’t do anything about it!”

He has been told that he lacks willpower or that he is weak, and that he needs to change his lifestyle, eat less, and exercise more.

” Jordan claims, “I go a couple days without eating, but then I get so hungry that I could eat the couch!”

Jordan was recently diagnosed with gallbladder disease and is experiencing symptoms such as mild pain in the midepigastric region, radiating to the right upper quadrant of the abdomen and the right subscapular area of the body after eating.

You are Jordan’s assigned nurse.

Based on the scenario provided, what would you include in your initial assessment data?
What would you teach Jordan based on the RDA from (Links to an external site.) discussed in Week 1 and the information about gallbladder disease provided in Week 6?
What are two high-priority nursing diagnoses to guide Jordan’s plan of care based on your assessment data and the information from the scenario?