NUR462 NURSING CAPSTONE Module 5 DiscussionDQ1 Review Participant Surveys for relevance to Presentation In this first activity, each of you will modify the participant survey provided and modify it to reflect your project initiative. This participant survey should reflect the individuality of your initiative and will be distributed to your audience to complete at the conclusion of your presentation. This survey will give you feedback on the overall satisfaction and effectiveness of your presentation and the delivery of your presentation. Modify these survey questions Preview the document to capture the purpose or intent of your presentation, the key information you want participants to come away with, and an overall satisfaction rating of your delivery as the presenter. Submit a draft of your survey for peers to provide feedback Provide feedback to other students’ draft questions.  Describe what the survey does well or the strength of the tool and provide suggestions on how it could be improved. As you provide your suggestions, elaborate how their tool can promote nursing excellence from your perspective or nursing experience, increased understanding of the topic, challenges they are overcoming, or other literature that supports initiative. Note: You will submit a summary of this survey upon completion of the presentation and no later than week 13.DQ2 Capstone Project: Presentation of your PowerPoint Slides Submit 8-10 slides of your evidence-based project to your peers and professor for constructive feedback. This is a PowerPoint presentation of your project’s initiative prior to the formal presentation to your selected audience. Refer to the Capstone: Project Presentation Criteria and Rubric in the assignment area as you refine and complete your power-point slides. Read through ALL the power-point project presentations submitted by your peers. Provide meaningful feedback to your peers. Please try to select presentations that have not yet received any feedback, to assure everyone gets helpful advice! Some ideas for reviewing presentations may be focused on whether presentations: Identified rationale through convincing evidence to support the need for the project (increased understanding of the topic).clearly described the nursing initiative (promote nursing excellence from your perspective or nursing experience).explored the benefits from this project on various stakeholders (literature that supports initiative).described the impact on the profession, healthcare outcomes, or work environments (challenges they are overcoming).Respond back to your peers/professor who commented on your presentation and make the appropriate changes prior to the formal presentation of your project to the selected audience. REMINDER: Please submit the final Capstone Project: Presentation after formally presenting your initiative to your audience no later than Week 13. Purchase this Tutorial.