NUR462 NURSING CAPSTONE Module 6 Discussion Building on Strengths You may incorporate personal experiences and published sources to support your discussion. Be sure to add sources with author and year when citing references. Discuss TWO strategies that you experienced or discovered in the literature that apply the framework for appreciative inquiry to strengthen the professional nurse role in transforming “blame and victim” healthcare environments to a system that fosters accountability, team building, and model work environments of excellence. Provide professional sources as evidence to support your experiences or new ways of appreciating others in the work environment throughout your discussions. Select discussions by peers and suggest new ways of promoting model work environments and ask questions to seek new meanings and understanding to advance the discussion. Respond back to your peers/professor who commented on your discussion.DQ2 Professional Evaluation and Collaboration In this activity, we will be applying principles of appreciative inquiry to professional evaluation and collaboration across practice, leadership, and academic settings.  We will also begin to frame appreciative inquiry items within a self-evaluation process of one’s nursing performance. Continue to discuss how a model of pride and achievements through appreciative inquiry enhances the professional evaluation processes and collaboration within and across a variety of areas: nursing practice, leadership/management positions, and academic settings. Design TWO questions within the appreciative inquiry framework that could be used for a self-evaluation of your nursing performance. Read through ALL the discussions and questions designed by peers for performance evaluation of nursing performance. Select questions posed by your peers for self-evaluation of nursing performance and provide constructive feedback. Respond back to your peers/professor who commented on your questions and discussions.  Purchase this Tutorial.