The goal of this Assignment is to provide you with a practical application for implementing your PICOT idea, which is supported by the evidence-based research you gathered during your systematic review. You will use evidence-based research findings derived from your clinical question and integrate them to support your proposed change in nursing practice.


Determine your improved PICOT question.
Conduct a systematic review of your clinical question using PubMed and the Cochrane collaboration database.
Include an error analysis and a description of your systematic review.
From the search results, select an evidence-based quantitative article that includes an evidence-based randomized control trial.
Summarize the chosen case study.
Describe the research method, sample size, and population studied.
In your overview, apply the evidence from this review to your practice specifically.
Analyze the results to determine their validity and reliability.
Discuss whether the study was biased in any way.
Determine the level of evidence discovered during the review.
In APA format, the length should be no less than 10 pages.