The goal of this assignment is for you to identify a concern for your role as an advanced practice nurse and to develop a potential policy change to address that concern, which is called Barriers to Practice in Florida. There are numerous potential issues that may have an impact on your practice setting or other issues that may have a negative impact on the patients with whom you work. You can consider the issue in relation to your health promotion project of preventing venous leg ulcers, which is based on and the as evidence-based guidelines. The policy you are considering could be a reaction to the health promotion issue or something larger that is still related to it.
Obstacles to practice

As you begin to work on the potential policy change, keep the following ideas and steps in mind:

The problem’s definition and description
An examination of the issue’s history
Clarification statement or issue statement
Possible solutions to the problem
Change options and goals
Changes’ risks and benefits
Methodology of evaluation
A suggestion or a solution
Submit a Power Point presentation to the W3 Assignment 2 Dropbox by Friday, August 12, 2016. This includes the notes pages that will explain the content of each slide. Use APA format and include all of your references.

Maximum Points for Grading Criteria
Determine the type of legislation, such as state, federal, scope of practice, reimbursement, loan repayment, and so on.
20 A review of the literature should include at least 3—4 peer-reviewed articles and 6—7 other outside sources.
Describe the current policy or health policy issue and how it affects nursing or healthcare.

10 Explain the specifics of the proposed policy or policy change.
20 Identify the individuals who would benefit from the policy change and explain where the change would be supported.
20 Describe the policy change’s impact on nursing practice and health care.
10 Provide an analysis of the policy from your perspective, as well as how it will affect your practice.
20 Employs good writing skills, proper grammar, and APA formatting throughout the paper, citations, and references.
10 in total: 140