You will be evaluating the contributions of psychological research in the context of the DSM-5 in this discussion. To begin, read the DSM-5 section titled “Conditions for Further Study” (Section III of the DSM-5) as well as the article titled “An Overview of the DSM-5: Changes, Controversy, and Implications for Psychiatric Nursing.”

Then, in your post, address the following points:

What are the three controversies discussed in the article by Halter, Rolin-Kenny, and Dzurec (2013)? Share your thoughts on these controversies. Are these legitimate concerns in your opinion? If so, why or why not?
Name a disorder from the DSM-5 section titled “Conditions for Further Study” that has been identified as requiring significantly more research and study (Section III of the DSM-5). Create a research question that is relevant to the disorder you have chosen.
Based on one of the research methods presented in your textbook, briefly outline a research method that could be used to investigate the disorder.