expected to conduct an evaluation of a research study, I have attached the specific questions I require answers to as well as a copy of the article

What kind of sampling strategy was used in this study? Did they provide a detailed description of how they obtained (recruited) the sample?

B. Is the sampling design one that is likely to produce a representative sample of the population under consideration?

C.If any criteria for inclusion or exclusion were specified, what were they?

D.Was a power analysis performed by the researchers? The researchers must have had a certain number of subjects in order to complete the study, and they must have obtained that number.

E.If a power analysis was not performed, was the number of subjects sufficient in light of the type of design and number of variables?

The researchers should have provided an indication of the response rate if a questionnaire was sent to subjects to complete. What effect does the rate have on the findings?

Is it possible to describe the characteristics of the sample group that was used in the research?

H.Can the findings be applied to a broader population of people?