Write a short essay (400-500 words) on the following passage from Huang Chunming’s “Listen to Me, All You Deities.” Discuss the passage’s role in the story as a whole, including its plot placement and, more importantly, how it illuminates the story’s main theme or themes. To do so, you must first identify what you believe the story’s themes are and then discuss how this passage contributes to those themes. Feel free to debate both the passage’s content and its writing style.

Your essay should include the following points:

Declare and defend one or more points.
Make it clear what point or points you want to make. This is often most effective in a sentence at or near the beginning of your essay, or at or near the beginning of a specific paragraph.
Refer to the text you’re talking about to back up your point. If you quote directly from the text, use quotation marks around the quoted material.