1) Determine the Knowledge, Skills, and Achievements required for the advanced nursing role you have identified above. For each of the Knowledge, Skills, and Accomplishments, a minimum of three items should be listed.

2) Talk about at least three strengths that you can use to your advantage. Steps 1–3 of the Strengths to Leverage template must be completed.

3) Talk about at least one area for improvement. Steps 1–3 of the Areas to Develop template must be completed.

4) Write a reflection in which you discuss what you learned in this course and what you expect to learn in your program to help you achieve your academic and professional goals.

5)Include an assessment of how your SDLP can support lifelong learning. The reflection should be at least 300 words long.

If you have references to back up your SDLP, include a References section at the end of the SDLP Template and include the references in APA format. This assignment does not require a title page.

This Assignment will be graded based on evidence of thoughtful SDLP development.