• WRITE a paper (at least 750 words) comparing and contrasting the healthcare system of your selected country and the United States (U.S.) healthcare system.


  • Choose one (1) country from the following list. These countries ranked high on the WHO overall healthcare system rankings: • France • Italy • Singapore • Spain • Oman • Austria • Japan • Norway • Portugal • Iceland.

For assistance on searching for information about your selected country, find the official websites of the global organizations/agencies and look up your selected country for the most current health information and statistics. Begin with the World Health Organization (WHO). Determine which organizations/agencies (United Nations, non-governmental, nursing) are active in your selected country. Investigate the situation of nurses and nursing (nursing personnel, nursing organizations/associations, migration, etc.) in your selected country.


PAPER HEADING: Health Statistics and Costs Address the following: 1) life expectancies; 2) mortality rates; 3) major health conditions/diseases; 4) health care expenditure ($) per capita as ratio of total population; and 5) health care expenditure (% of gross domestic product) for U.S. and your country? Discuss.


PAPER HEADING: Health Care Financing Address the following: How is health care financed for its citizens [employed, low income, elderly, uniformed personnel, veterans) —through public sector [taxes] or the private sector [personal or employer] or a combination of both? How are the funds (private & public) collected? If a combination of financing, what are the percentages of private/public? Include the new U.S. Affordable Care Act. See module readings. Discuss.


PAPER HEADING: Health Care Administration Address the following: Which government agencies (major agency and assisting agencies) oversee and regulate the provision of health care for its citizens (populations)? What are their missions/functions/purposes? Example: Ministry of Health. For U.S. agencies, see module readings for list and functions of U.S. health-related organizations. Discuss.


PAPER HEADING: Human Resources Address the following: What are the total numbers and/or number (per 100,000 population) of 1) nurses; 2) physicians; and 3) hospitals/hospital beds? Discuss.


PAPER HEADING: Conclusion: Access and Equity Issues Address the following: Does the country have citizens/populations who are uninsured, underinsured, and/or experience health disparities? Which citizens or populations (i.e, ethnic, income, and/or immigrant groups)?. Discuss. 5).