Make a Power Point presentation to go over the following topics.

In the outpatient orthopedic clinic, Sgt. Eddie Johns leaned back against a chair. His head was torturing him! He couldn’t decide which was worse: the “morning after” headache or the inability to sleep at night. At least when he’d had a few beers and could get a few hours of sleep. It had been like this since he was airlifted back to the United States from Afghanistan after the roadside bomb exploded. He was thankful that he had only broken his leg in a couple of places and received a bad head bump. They called it traumatic brain injury, but he had no idea what that meant and didn’t believe them anyway. He was still thinking clearly. Joe, on the other hand, was not so fortunate! Joe had no idea how he was going to learn to walk on those prosthetic legs. He was still hospitalized in Washington, DC. That was a long way from his house. Eddie wished he could pay Joe a visit. They’d been together in the same platoon for 9 months. Eddie, on the other hand, was relieved that he could return to his hometown for outpatient treatment. It took him an hour to get here, but he could see his girl almost every day. He had returned to live with his mother, but it was more convenient to have someone to help him get around and cook for him. It was a pity he couldn’t work right now. He figured it didn’t matter because he didn’t have a job to go back to. At the plant, he had been replaced. They promised to find him something to do once he could move around more easily. Eddie hoped the doctor would remove the pins from his leg today and allow him to return to work.

How would the use of the Roy Adaptation Model help the nurse plan the continuation of Sgt. Johns’ care?
Describe how Roy’s Theory influenced the nurse’s actions in promoting Sgt. John’s revised self-concept.
Why is it important, according to the Roy Adaptation Model, for the nurse to listen to Sgt. Johns’ “story” in his own words rather than basing her interactions on information from the chart, fellow colleagues, or his family?
Identify at least four stressors from the case study using the Neuman Systemâ€TMs Model. Create a care plan for Sgt. Johns based on the Neuman Systems Model.
Your PowerPoint should include at least one external reference as well as your book. The presentation should consist of 10 to 15 slides.