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Why do muscles need energy? - aptitude nursing papers


MED280 Skeletal and Muscular Systems Week 3 Live Lecture Quiz Question 1Trevor has come into the office and his chief complaint is that when he tries to extend his leg, he experiences pain and it feels tight, which type of muscle might be injured?  Extensor  Smooth  Flexor  Skeletal Question 2If a patient is complaining that their ankle hurts, which type of muscle will you be examining?  Skeletal  Synovial  Striated  Smooth Question 3 Why do muscles need energy?  To enable them to posture and position the body  They need it for general appearance  To enable them to work on your rapidly dividing cells  To enable them to transport nerve impulses Question 4ATP, the necessary energy source for muscles to contract, is created by the body. Which of the following is an example in which the body would need to generate more ATP?  Running a marathon  Right before sleeping  As soon as the body wakes up  The body always needs the same amount of ATP to function. Purchase this Tutorial. https://aptitudenursingpapers.com/