There must be a unique number assigned to each question. As an illustration,

1.) Government policy is

2.) Private policy is defined as

1- What exactly is policy?

2- Describe each of them in detail: “Public policy” is a phrase that is used to describe what the government does.

Privatization of policy—

Policy in the field of health—

Policy in the social sphere—

What is the policy of the organization?

3- Can you tell me about Florence Nightingale and what she did to advance nursing practice in the United Kingdom?

4- Who was Lillian Wald and what was her story?

5- Who was Margaret Sanger, and how did she contribute to the advancement of the nursing profession?

6 what is the International Communications Network (ICN) and what do they do?

7- What is the National League of Cities and Towns (NLCA) and what do they do?

Jeanne Blum, RN, is a registered nurse who works on an LDRP unit. The premature rupturing of membranes of a laboring patient was recently included in the policy and procedures manual for Jeanne’s unit as a practice that nurses were allowed to perform under certain conditions. During lunch, Jeanne and a few of her coworkers discussed their concerns about taking on this new responsibility. They were concerned about the possibility of cord prolapse as well as other potential medical complications that could arise as a result of this practice. The information Jeanne gathered came from her state and a number of other states, and she discovered that her hospital did not adhere to the standards set by her professional organization. Jeanne’s coworkers were informed of this information by her. She offered to contact the state board of nursing on their behalf in order to request a declaratory statement regarding the nurse’s role in the initiation of premature rupturing of uterine membranes. She was successful in her request. Clinical practice committee of her state board conducted an investigation into her request for a declaratory statement and gathered information from other states. The board of directors drafted a formal declaratory statement, which it made available on its website. A letter from the board was sent to Jeanne’s institution, informing it of the declaratory statement, which stated that the task nurses were asked to perform was outside their scope of practice, as defined by the Nurse Practice Act. A copy of the declaratory statement was also sent to Jeanne’s institution.

This scenario corresponds to which stage of the policy model, according to the following question: