1. Why are nurses concerned about workplace health and safety?

How do these ideas relate to patient safety and outcomes?

2. What should you do if you encounter an angry or hostile coworker?

3. Why is substance abuse among nurses such a serious problem? What is the best way to deal with a suspicion that a coworker is abusing a dangerous substance?

4. What is the most common physical injury that LPNs and nursing assistants suffer? How can a nurse manager assist employees in avoiding workplace injuries?

5. Give several examples of workplace sexual harassment. Discuss how to handle these situations.

6. In your current clinical rotation, review the policies and procedures on the following safety issues. Compare yourself to the other students in the class. What are the parallels and differences? What does this mean for workplace safety?

• Latex intolerance

• Injuries from needlesticks

• Terrorism

3. Visit the ANA website and look through the sections on workplace and patient safety under “Professional Nursing Practice.”

Which of the topics covered in these sections is most important for a new RN? Why?

4. Conduct an interview with one of your unit’s staff nurses. Investigate his or her feelings and concerns about the following topics. Create strategies to address the concerns based on the comments.

• Nurses who abuse drugs or alcohol

• Emergency planning

• Workplace life quality within the organization