MED280 Skeletal and Muscular Systems Week 1 Live Lecture Quiz Question 1 Lexi is curious as to how we form various bones in our body, and she is surprised to find out that some bones formed from cartilage transformation. Which of the following bones are not formed from this process?  bones at the base of the skull  clavicles in the shoulder  flat bones in the skull  mandibles in the jaw Question 2 Bones are continually remodeled, even after the body has stopped growing. What causes bones to need to be remodeled?  temperature  sickle cell anemia  Injury  salt exposure Question 3 After a fracture, blood vessels are damaged, and blood flows from those torn vessels, eventually leading to the blood clotting. Which of the following terms refers to this?  external callus  compound hematoma  fracture hematoma  internal callus Question 4Bones go through a process in order to heal. Which of the following sequence of events is in the correct order?  The fracture hematoma forms; remodeling occurs; internal and external calli form.  The fracture hematoma forms; internal and external calli form; remodeling occurs.  Internal and external calli form; remodeling occurs; the fracture hematoma forms.  Remodeling occurs; the fracture hematoma forms; internal and external calli form. Purchase this Tutoria.