NU636 Advanced Pharmacology Unit 6 Discussion Allergies Scenario:A 31-year-old white male comes in for an evaluation of his allergic rhinitis. He is known to your practice for the last decade. Presently he is on Flonase nasal spray and Zyrtec daily for his allergic rhinitis. He owns his own business ‘Dr. Vinyl’ where he specializes in repair of vinyl in automobiles, boats, recreational vehicles, etc. Exposure to the smell of several of the products he works with has resulted in dissatisfactory management of his typical allergic rhinitis. On numerous occasions over the last decade he has requested and been given an ‘allergy shot’.A review of his medical record reveals to you this ‘shot’ has been a steroid injection. BP 122/74, P 76, R 18Please develop a discussion that responds to each of the following prompts.  Where appropriate your discussion needs to be supported by scholarly resources.  Be sure to include in-text citations in the context of the discussion and provide a full reference citation at the end of the discussion. Purchase this Tutorial.