NR536 Advanced Pathophysiology, Health Assessment and Pharmacology for Nurse Educators Week 8 Discussion Collaboration Café As an educator, you have been approached by the manager to assist with the moving of the unit currently on Floor 6 to Floor 4. This move is going to occur during the day and time that you and your learners are scheduled. The manager would appreciate your participation because with you and your learners, there will be sufficient assistance without having to pay significant overtime. While the learners will be moving the patients in their beds, they also will be moving equipment, bedside tables, infusion pumps, etc. to the other floor as well. Although you, the educator, would like to help, several questions occur in your mind. These include the following. Although you want to help, what would be the learning activity objectives? What would the students learn from participating in the move? How would it be consistent with course outcomes? Is it ethical to require students to help? Should the faculty member schedule a simulation activity to avoid the situation? If you don’t help with the move, how will the staff react and respond to future students? Please debate the pros and cons in providing assistance to the floor during the move as a learning activity. Purchase this Tutorial.