NU601 Nursing Theory Week 4 Discussion Grand Theory Group Presentation Reflections Create your initial post by Day 3 about your own group and theory experience. Additionally, one student in each group should post their group’s presentation website/URL by Day 3, clearly indicating the group number. Reply to at least two other Grand Theory Group Presentations by Day 7.Grading Category: Discussions This discussion board is to be completed individually; not with your group. Initial Post Please respond to the following prompts: One student in each group should post their Grand Theory Presentation website/URL by Day 3.Describe your thoughts on the grand theory about which your group presented. What were the challenges that you faced in understanding the theory? How did you attempt to resolve those challenges? Your initial post should contain two to three (2–3) paragraphs of three to four (3–4) sentences per paragraph. The post should integrate a minimum of three readings and/or other evidence-based research articles no more than three years old and use APA formatting for citations and references. Purchase this Tutorial.