Discussion on Sampling Methods focusing on Probability Sampling: What does using this technique imply?
Give an example of one type of probability sampling strategy and how it might be used in a nursing research study.
What does it mean to use non-probability sampling techniques?
What is an example of non-probability sampling, and why would you prefer it to probability sampling?
What are the different types of sampling bias that can occur and influence your findings?
Bias in sampling
Why is it critical to the study’s integrity?
what types of sampling bias should you be aware of, and how might they affect your findings?

Determine whether each entry in the following list employs probability or nonprobability sampling. Choose one of the sampling methods listed below and justify your answer with references!
a. Ease of use sampling

b. Using cluster sampling

c. Non-probability sampling

d. Sample quotas

e. Random sampling

Stratified sampling f.