NU610 Advanced Health Assessment Unit 4 Discussion Focused vs. Comprehensive Assessment Discussion post for this week, please take the following descriptive information and place it with the appropriate categories listed. Based on the descriptive information would this be a focused or comprehensive assessment and if focused what system or systems would you want to assess and why? Descriptions Presents with c/o headache Pain is a ‘4’ on a scale of 1-10Scoliosis corrected with Charleston brace, broken toe No cold/sinus symptoms Eye exam 2 years ago No medications, NKDA No hospitalizations No tobacco use, wine once monthly, no recreational drug use Single, lives alone Traveled to UK, Caribbean in past 3 months Throbbing for past 2 hours, can feel pulse in temple Sports-induced asthma No fever, no changes in vision Categories Chief Complaint History of Present Illness Past Medical History Personal and Social History Review of Symptoms Purchase this Tutorial,