A 68-year-old client lives alone and is self-sufficient in all ADLs, has no mobility restrictions, and is competent and oriented x4. The client is on a fixed income, but it is sufficient to support a modest lifestyle. The client has family and social supports, but she is extremely independent and proud of her self-sufficiency. The client is 5′ 6″ tall and weighs 210 lb. / 95.25 kg.

Please respond to the following questions:

What is the client’s body mass index (BMI)?
What screening tools would you use to assess nutritional and physical fitness knowledge, and why?
Determine two reasonable, measurable, and realistic client outcomes.
Identify and justify three nursing interventions for each client outcome.
Determine what weaknesses in the client’s life and supports may be influencing the client’s activity and diet.
What recommendations would you make, and why?
In APA format, label your references. Use references rather than just your own opinion.

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