In my consulting experience, I’ve encountered multiple examples of organizations that use paper reports to reproduce information that has been submitted and is available in the electronic patient record. Instead of using electronic information, these reports are frequently reviewed, signed, and acted upon. Despite the fact that the information contained in these reports was outdated the instant it was printed, and that using the report for workflow is an inefficient practice in and of itself, this technique of clinical workflow is widely used in hospitals across the United States. The desire to mold a paper-based workflow around healthcare technology stems from an underlying anxiety. There is also a lack of adequate integration, which would allow this information to be made available in an electronic format.”

What role does workflow analysis play in the practice of nursing?
Can we make clinical information systems out of paper-based workflows? Give an explanation for your response.
Assume you’re the INS official in charge of implementing the use of electronic records. What tactics could you implement to ensure a smooth transition?

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