1: What do you notice about the mother in â€Two Kinds? ” What differences do you notice between the two?

What is the relationship between the mother and the daughter in terms of character?


Social class, race and ethnicity, gender roles, religion, and other factors should be considered in your responses.


Your political affiliation, crisis-affected status, socioeconomic status, or any other aspect you have is all welcome.






Following the reading of the story, start thinking about race, age, and troop. Consider what you’ve learned since then.


Each of these three aspects of the story works in conjunction with the others in order to uncover the most revealing information.


The issues that â€Brownies†brings up are numerous.


The most fruitful disciplinary perspectives are those that are most focused on getting to their root causes.


What are the issues that the story delves into?


What issues do you believe to be the most prominent in terms of what is said about society, according to what you have observed?


how did you learn about the troops and the events at camp


Make your response as specific as possible. Make certain that your response to this is approximately 125 words in length.




What about social class, race and ethnicity, gender roles, and other factors stands out to you?


Religion, political affiliation, crisis-affected, and socio-economic or another aspect are all factors to consider.


Have you made a determination?


Provide specifics in your response.


3) Choose the most interesting element you identify from each of the stories in Unit 2 in terms of the Disciplinary Perspective (if you choose to use this approach) you take and how that relates to Social Class, Race and Ethnicity, Gender Roles, Religion, Political Affiliation, Crisis Impaired, and Socio Economic or another aspect you have identified and post your comments about that aspect of the stories in the discussion board labeled Unit 2 Discussion +150


Nota Bene: When I’m writing and thinking about texts, I’m always thinking about what it all means to me in terms of my disciplinary perspective. What is the disciplinary perspective that I hold? Disciplined Perspective is simply an approach to reading texts that involves reading them from a point of view associated with the degree program that you intend to pursue in college. The Disciplinary Perspective would be appropriate if you are pursuing a degree in nursing or another health-care field because it is concerned with issues that relate to caring for people and relating to them in a way that takes into consideration their physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Disciplinary Perspective is not a difficult concept to grasp, and it can be useful when reading a text and identifying an issue that you find interesting and meaningful in the context of your field of study.

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