Do you see anything that makes you suspicious of pollutants in the ground, water, or air?

What is the housing’s sanitary condition? Is your home overcrowded, filthy, or in need of repair? Are the windows screened in?

What is the state of the roads? Are there any potholes? Is there a drainage system in place? Are there any low-water crossings, and if so, are there any warning signs? Is there an adequate number of traffic lights, signs, sidewalks, and curbs? Are there warning signs and barriers at railroad crossings? Is there adequate lighting in the streets and parking lots? Is this a high-traffic area, or are the roads dangerous?

Is there access for people with disabilities to buildings, sidewalks, and streets?

Do you pay attention to recreational facilities and playgrounds? Are they put to use? Is there a YMCA or a community center in the area? Is there a day care center or a preschool nearby?

Are kids having fun in the streets, alleys, yards, or parks?

Are there any restaurants nearby?

Is food available on the streets? Is it common for people to eat in public places? Is there a trash can and a place for people to sit? Are there public restrooms?

What evidence of pests, such as ants, flies, mosquitoes, or rodents, do you see?