N682 School Nursing Week 8 Assignment In an essay of 1500 to 2000 words, using at least 2 APA style cited references, write an essay in APA style on: A 10th grader is brought to you by a teacher. She whispers in your ear to please look at the forearms of the girl because she suspects cutting. What is cutting? Examine the different reasons for cutting. Who in the school could you collaborate with to help the adolescent? Would you call her parents? Her pediatrician? After you have taken care of the situation, the teacher comes back “wanting the scoop”. What do you tell the teacher? Support your answers with legal reasons for or against your answer. You are a middle school nurse. One of the popular jocks on the basketball team committed suicide over the weekend. It is now Monday morning.  Review the mental health considerations of this issue. Synthesize the information and explain what you would do about the mental health issue, what may follow, and the crisis at school. You are part of a committee to prepare a disaster plan for your elementary school. Review your textbook, synthesize the information, and report what your role would be. Of chief concern are your children with chronic illnesses. Purchase this Tutorial.