The Future of Health Informatics and Technological Innovation As computer power grows exponentially, computer-driven applications and innovative technologies evolve and emerge at an incredible rate—and health information technology is at the forefront of this electronic revolution. Examine the information presented in this week’s Resources on the evolution of health information technology and the technological innovations that may influence health informatics’ future growth. Choose one of these technological innovations for further investigation that you believe deserves special attention from global health informaticians. As you search for and select articles in the Walden Library, review the information on how to evaluate resources. (To review this information, select “How Do I…?” from the menu bar at the top of the Walden Library home page, and then click on the “Evaluate Resources” link to go to the page on “How to Evaluate Research Resources.”) Search the Walden Library for a full-text peer-reviewed article related to the technological innovation you identified for further investigation, and then download it. Next, search the Walden Library or the Internet for an abstract (or full text) of a non-peer-reviewed article that is also related to this technological innovation, and then download it as well. Consider the differences between peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed articles and how to tell one from the other as you conduct your searches. post a detailed response to the following: • What technological innovation do you believe will have a significant impact on the global growth of health informatics in the future? How? • What factors may influence the evolution of this technological innovation? Why? • Explain how a peer-reviewed article differs from a non-peer-reviewed article and why this type of article (peer-reviewed) is beneficial to you as a health informatics scholar-practitioner.