Write a paper of 1,050- to 1,400 words in which your team compares the Normal Accident Theory to the Culture of Safety model.

Include the following information in your paper:

Explain what factors can contribute to organizational accidents like the one depicted in the scenario:
What factors contribute to potential failures in organizational processes?
How do certain factors influence workplace errors and violations? (For example, an operating room, a pharmacy, or an intensive care unit)
Individuals with “sharp ends” commit errors and violations.
What effect does a breach of defenses or safeguards have on these accidents?
Explain why the FDA, rather than OSHA, was in charge of investigating this case.
Explain how the Culture of Safety model could have been used in this scenario to reduce risk.
Describe the five general principles that underpin the Culture of Safety model.
Explain how each of the five general principles used in the Culture of Safety model could have been used to manage risk in this scenario.

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