Why was the research conducted?

What exactly is the issue as presented in the research study article?

Will the study solve a nursing-related problem?

(Make certain that the study is directly related to your topic/and/or clinical question.)

What is the study environment?

(Be sure to include who, where, and when.)

How big is the sample? (Size can and should vary depending on the nature of the research.)

What was the randomization procedure?

Are the variables in the study’s instruments well-defined and reliable?

What are the study’s independent and dependent variables?

Is it possible to get the operational definitions of the variables? If so, are they measurable and concrete?

Is there a statement of the research question or hypothesis? What exactly is it?

(Ensure that the variables were applied consistently throughout the study and that they measured what the research stated they would measure.)

(If applicable, include reliability and validity statistics.)

What methods were used to analyze the data?

Were there any unusual occurrences during the research? (If the sample size was changed, did the reasons for the change affect its replicability?)

Did anyone drop out of the study? Why?

How do the findings compare to previous research in this field? (Consider your other sources.)

Do the studies expand on prior research?

What are the research’s implications for clinical practice?

Is the study pertinent and significant to the clinical question?

Are the results applicable to your group or subgroup of patients or sample, do they identify the risks and benefits of a treatment recommendation, and do they conform to patient preferences?

What are the researcher’s reported fi