This week’s Discussion will look at how current policies affect how you, as a nurse, provide health care. You will then choose a topic of interest and consider how you can advocate for policy in that area.

To get ready:

Choose one public policy that is currently affecting you and your practice. Take into account the following:
Which of the following health-care drivers was the policy intended to address: cost, quality, access, or a combination of the three?
Is it clear that the policy is producing the desired results? What data is your assumption based on?
What effects (positive or negative) has this policy had on health-care costs, quality, and access?
What impact does this policy have on your nursing practice?
Next, choose a health care issue—something you see or experience on a daily basis—about which you want to influence a policy change.
Examine the Learning Resources, paying special attention to Kingdon’s Model. How would you apply this model to help you develop policy?