Choose one of the following week 5 topics:

Approved Subjects:

A. Investigate and contrast participatory leadership in today’s modern health care organization with other types of leadership styles. Examine how each type of leadership style affects organizational culture, employee performance, and the legitimacy of authority.

B. As an administrator, address the challenges of health care professional recruitment and retention. Trends in the nursing workforce, a shortage of primary care physicians, staff turnover, retention, and staffing patterns are all possible subtopics.

C. Examine a manager’s dual role as a healthcare professional. Examine the challenges that a health professional may face in terms of leadership style, as opposed to a non-health professional, and the impact these challenges have on organizational culture. A health professional manager’s services as an organizational resource may also be included. Investigate the career trends of health professionals in organizational leadership positions, such as the types of health professional training that leaders tend to share and the typical demographic background of health professional managers.

D. The health-care industry must anticipate and monitor trends that may have an impact on its long-term survival. Examine how health-care industry regulation affects a health-care organization. Investigate some of the possible organizational survival strategies, including, but not limited to, mergers and affiliations, achieving accreditation status, and professional licensure.

E. Examine the impact of technology on the delivery of health-care services. Technology’s impact on employee performance, organizational structure, and management planning may also be considered.

F. Examine the impact of recent social and/or ethical trends on the health-care industry.

Focus on a specific contemporary trend in health care for this assignment, and make sure to include all of the following influences:

Variations in client characteristics

Health-care industry regulation

Patterns of reimbursement and mandates

Organizational restructuring in health care

Technology’s Influence

Current social and ethical issues

In a PowerPoint presentation of eight to ten slides (excluding title and reference slides), address the information above as it relates to your chosen topic.

Your presentation should end with a summary of the following issues:

In general, why should health-care executives be aware of this shift and trend?