You’re employed by a company that recently purchased a $60,000 simulation mannequin. Reading the instructions, you discover that the modules required to teach basic cardiac life support (BCLS) were not included in the simulator purchase. Because the interactive EKG and AED modules have not been acquired, the simulator cannot be used to its full potential. The director of nursing education informs you that the budget did not allow for the acquisition of the whole package. You’re told that you’ll have to “make do” with what you’ve got to teach a class of 30 students of various ages and backgrounds.

Discuss what this BCLS class’s overarching purpose is.
Create two objectives at the 4–6 levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy behavioral (action) verbs.
What do you hope your students will be able to do by the end of your class?
How do you evaluate the requirements of such a broad set of students?
Provide at least three atypical learning practices that could be useful in delivering information to a group of 30 people.
Prepare a persuasive response to the director of nursing education that illustrates the efficacy of the proposed teaching tactics within the simulation mannequin’s constraints.
Demonstrate how patient safety can be improved by addressing cultural, educational, and age-related diversity (QSEN competency).