You work for a company that recently purchased a $60,000 simulation mannequin. As you read the instructions, you realize that the modules required to teach basic cardiac life support (BCLS) were not purchased with the simulator. Because the interactive EKG and AED modules have not been purchased, you discover that the simulator cannot be used to its full potential. The director of nursing education informs you that there was not enough money in the budget to purchase the entire package. You are told that you must “make do” with what you have purchased in order to teach a class of 30 students of varying ages and backgrounds.

Discuss the overall objective of this BCLS class.
Create two objectives using behavioral (action) verbs from Bloom’s Taxonomy at the 4—6 levels.
What do you hope the students will be able to do by the end of your class?
How do you assess the needs of such a diverse group of students?
Recommend at least three nontraditional learning strategies that could be useful in communicating information to a group of 30 people.
Create a persuasive response to the director of nursing education that explains the efficacy of the proposed teaching strategies within the constraints of the simulation mannequin.
Demonstrate how cultural, educational, and age-related differences can be successfully addressed for patient safety (QSEN competency).
Please keep in mind that, in addition to the assigned course materials, it is expected that you will include additional scholarly references to back up your point of view.