Include questions from written literature in your 4-5 paragraph response to the questions below. See the attached documents and example; read and review all four journal articles/literature. Create a PICOT (population/patient/problem, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome) based on nursing evidence.

The PICOT Test

What is the response to the PICOT question?


Give some context for why this is significant. Findings from statistics

Literature Examination

Describe the procedure for gathering evidence.

What key terms emerged from the research?

What criteria were used to determine whether or not a person should be included in the review?

Who was responsible for the articles’ criticism?

Research Finding Synthesis

Make some evidence-based comparisons.

What evidence levels are there?

The researchers used what kinds of samples and designs?

What were the overall findings concerning the PICOT question?

Change of Practice Decision

In light of the PICOT question, what is the practise decision based on the research?

Is this proof enough?

If not, explain what this means for future research.