To increase your chances of success in college, you should think critically about your role in the learning process. With that in mind, please (for your own benefit) reflect on your experience in our class and respond to the following questions:

How much effort did you put into the course in reality? Was it more or less than you thought you’d have to do?
What could you do in the future to improve your chances of earning a higher grade than you are expecting if you would prefer to earn a higher grade than you are expecting? Is there anything you can do to improve your organization? What could you do to make better use of the time you set aside for studying (for example, enroll in a â€study skills†course)? Should you devote more time to studying? Should you drop a few classes?
We attempted to stimulate learning in this course by using a variety of methods, including book reading, lecture, homework questions, articles and (possibly) videos discussing applications of economic theory, discussion with other students, preparation for quizzes/exams, learning portfolio assignments requiring you to identify economics in your life, and possibly tutoring and/or office hour. Reflecting on these experiences will teach you about who you are as a student and what kinds of experiences maximize your ability to learn. So, please take a moment to unwind, reflect on the various exercises, and share your thoughts on which worked well for you and which did not. How can you use this information to increase your chances of succeeding in future classes?

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