Documentation and Regulatory Compliance are the first two topics covered.

When confronted with a malpractice lawsuit, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of charting by exception based on the information you have learned so far in the course and from the readings you have completed. When you witness a patient experiencing an adverse event, talk about how you would correct mistakes in a medical chart and how you would format your documentation differently (APO). What types of APOs are required to be reported in your state? In a court of law, how would charting corrections be viewed differently? What are the ramifications of this for the way forensic issues are handled?

Topic number two: Impaired Nurses

Assume that you are aware that the nurse who works with you on your unit has been illegally using drugs for the past several months. What are your responsibilities in terms of disclosing this information? What are your responsibilities to the organization for which you work? Is there anyone or anything you could recommend to the nurse? What are the ramifications of this nurse’s professional license? Are there any potential risks to your license that you should be aware of? If so, what exactly do you want?

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