NR535 Theoretical Foundations and Instructional Strategies for the Nurse EducatorWeek 3 Discussion Question 1 What are the three principles of cultural humility?Answers:1. Lifelong learning and critical self-reflection2. Positive and effective interactions with diverse cultures3. Recognize and challenge power imbalances for respectful relationships4. Institutional accountability5. Respectful and responsive to the health beliefs and practices of other cultures  1, 2, and 5  1, 3, and 4  2, 3, and 4  3, 4, and 5Question 2 How does cultural humility differ from cultural competence?  Cultural humility is a lifelong process  Cultural competence focus is learning about the specific patient  Cultural humility places emphasis on cultural sensitivityQuestion 3 Cultural humility strives to fix power imbalances. How would the nurse demonstrate this in practice?Answers:1. Use standard protocols in the care of clients with similar diagnoses2. Recognize the client is the expert on his/her symptoms and strengths3. Collaborate with the client in planning care  1 and 3  1 and 2  2 and 3  All of the above Question 4The two people considered the founders of the concept of cultural humility are:  Jann Murray-Garcia and Vivian Chavez  Melanie Tervalon and Jann Murray-Garcia  Melanie Tervalon and Joseph Gallegos  Vivian Chavez and Madeleine Leininger Question 5The nurse has recently moved to a different part of the USA and is caring for patients whose cultural practices are different from her practices.  She decides to take a course to understand these cultural practices.  The nurse is demonstrating:  Cultural humility  Cultural competence Purchase this Tutorial.